What should you automate? You should automate anything that needs to be done and that you don’t enjoy doing it. If something does not need to be done, then you probably should not be wasting your time with it. If something makes you happy, then you should do it for the joy it creates.

1- Robots – There are robots all around us to take labor off your plate and put it on them. Identify the right tool for the job and then let that tool do the work.

2- Classical Conditioning – Train yourself do associate something that you already do with a behavior that you would like to adopt. The first step is to identify the behavior that you want and when you want it. The second step is to identify what you normally do during that time or the time immediately preceding it. Finally, you need to find a way to associate your already existing behavior to become a trigger for the behavior that you want to adopt.

3- Commitment List – Every night before you go to bed, create a list of the task that you will accomplish on the following day. This is not a to-do list that can be pushed off to future dates. Everything you list MUST be done the next day. You are writing a list of orders for yourself and acting upon them so that the future you can live the life you dream of.

4- Prioritize – Identify the 20% of the things you do that produce 80% of the results you want and focus your attention there. Use the same ratio to identify the 80% of what you do that produces only 20% of your desired outcomes and eliminate those behaviors. This process helps identify where your time is best and worst spent so that you can focus your attention on the things that matter most.

5- Delegate – Find those around you that are experts and get them to help you with what you need to get done. Much of this may be done remotely with virtual assistants or professionals on sites like Fiverr.com.


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