Entertainment has been a passion and career for Tyas.  He has toured the country as a performer, from Aptos Theatre in California to Lincoln Center in New York.  He has performed as a singer, actor, juggler, and dancer but considers magic and deception to be his specialty.  Tyas began his performance career in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz California and had it lead him to perform in Las Vegas as an Escape Artist.  As a magician, Tyas has headlined in two different shows on the prestigious Las Vegas Strip.  His first headlining engagement in Vegas was his show Mostly Magic, where the audience experienced many of the most confounding illusions from around the world.  He went on to costar in the show Dirty Minds.  A sexy adult evening show, that confronted spectators with their innermost fears and fantasies.  He is an award-winning sleight of hand artist and has invented several original performance techniques utilized by professional entertainers from around the world.  He has taught, lectured, and conducted masterclasses for hundreds of magicians who came to Vegas to learn the art of conjuring.  Tyas currently spends his time managing some of the world’s greatest magical performers as well as consulting on routining and handling the business of show business.  He also produces content across multiple platforms.


Strategy has been an important part of Tyas’ life.  All areas of strategy has fascinated Tyas and he has made a lifelong study of personal, professional, financial, war, and interpersonal relationship strategies.  He also studies statistical game theory and enjoys learning the tactics of games like poker, go, and chess.  Tyas taught a course on strategic relationship dynamics and currently hosts a podcast on personal strategy call The Designer Strategy Podcast.


Tyas has worked as management in his own businesses as well as various Fortune 500 companies.  He has coordinated multiple community outreach events by organizing, facilitating, and managing the synergy of partnering charities in order to positively impact education, the homeless, and the environment of the Las Vegas community.  Tyas is a member of the leadership team for the Libertarian Party of Nevada and sits on two community management boards.

Tyas currently spends his time managing some of the world’s greatest magical performers.  As an entertainment manager, he coordinates tour venues, marketing, finances, ticketing, public relations, and the performer’s career trajectory.  He co-hosts a podcast with Banachek.