Much of Tyas’ philosophy can be found on his YouTube channel.

Benjamin Franklin had 13 virtues that he followed throughout his life.  Tyas has his own 10 ideals that he uses as a filter when making decisions.  They are listed below, in order from most internally oriented to externally oriented.

Auto-Deontological: This means that Tyas is duty bound to the responsibilities that he defines as worthwhile and that he is not directed by fate, faith, authority.  It also means that the ends do not justify the means.  There are no end, only means.

Resolute: This means to preserver, abide by contracts & promises, make decisive choices, stick to your word, and have self discipline.

Realism: This is to seek truth and opposing sciolistic behavior.  This also means that ignorance is only inexcusable when it is intentional.

Optimism: Consistently assuming positive intent over negative when lacking complete perspective.  This also means to trust in your own intent and actions.

Catalyzing: This means to stay driven, focused, and galvanized toward progress and personal growth.

Absolution: This is to accept that what is done is done.  It is to move past both failure and success.  It also means not to retaliate against others who have harmed you.

Mutualism:  This means to engage in positive sum or win-win engagements whenever possible.  It means to succeed with others rather then at the cost of others.

Autonomy:  Whenever possible, it is preferable to provide others with the most available freedom possible.  This involves trusting others to do the right thing, rather than restrict liberties in order to create compliance and safety.

Contribution:  This is to give, correct problems, and be compassionate.

Nonmaleficence: Do not initiate harm against others unless no other option is available in securing self defense against an aggressor.

Focus and Balance

Lewis Mumford said “Nothing is unthinkable, nothing impossible to the balanced person, provided it comes out of the needs of life and is dedicated to life’s further development.”

In an effort toward a balanced life, Tyas tries to balance four areas of his life into quadrants.  They are:

Condition – This encompasses health, agility, nutrition, strength, and endurance.

Connection – Relationships from intimate, friends, professional colleagues, and casual acquaintances.

Capital – This refers to finances, investments, property, as physical and social resources.

Cerebral – Mental and emotional stability and growth.


Tyas is deeply concerned with moral and ethical philosophy.  Fairness, natural rights, personal responsibility, and respect & tolerance toward others of differing behaviors and philosophies are foundational characteristics of his moral discipline.